Want to master good pelvic floor function?

The Adore Your Pelvic Floor course has helped hundreds of women learn how to train their pelvic floor correctly, improve core stability as well as educating them on simple lifestyle hacks that allow them to take control of their lives and get back to the activities that they love.  Wether you are post natal, peri-menopausal, menopausal or beyond the “Adore Your Pelvic Floor” program has you covered,  it is designed to be a thorough holistic program not just "a kegel class"  So we will be looking at every aspect of your life so you feel empowered to make educated choices that support your body.

Pelvic floor disfunction is no laughing matter.  If you're tired of dealing with incontinence... sick of those embarrassing "Oops Moments" or struggling with chronic pelvic pain or a pelvic organ prolapse.  Join me on this journey back to freedom.

Over 50% of women have some kind of pelvic floor disfunction and many feel that nothing can be done or they are too ashamed to ask for help.   

Research shows that 1/3 of women bare down when they try to engage their pelvic floor,  this can exacerbate pelvic floor issues and disfunction.

And many of us don't need to strengthen our pelvic floor we need to learn how to release and mobilise it.

I want you to get control of your pelvic floor and live your best life so let me help you on your journey.  You can work through he course at your own pace and enjoy the additional regular live online workshops with me that reinforce what you have learned and give you direct access to me to ensure you get the most out of the program.

Learn how your pelvic floor functions

dispel the myths that are holding you back The Adore Your Floor program is a holistic program of education and physical training. At the end of the course you will know more about how the pelvic floor functions than most health fitness professionals. And be able to take control of your life again.

How can I help You?

The Adore Pelvic Floor Program offers:

  • Online lectures you can watch and rewatch at your own pace.

  • Regular live online sessions to reinforce the online course, keep you motivated, and up to date with the latest research, training protocols and products. While allowing you to ask all those questions your not sure about.

  • Weekly homework that takes you from the basics through to loaded and/or impact exercise.

  • A thorough 16 week program that covers not just kegels but all the other aspects of our lifestyles that affect your pelvic floor so you can tailor what you do to your needs.

  • An Option to upgrade and add private Online One-2-Ones with Fiona to your course.

  • 17 weeks of homework that take you from 0 to hero.... what ever your idea of hero is. for some of you it will being able to sleep through the night with out having to get up every 20 minutes to pee and for some of you it will be getting back to running or power lifting without wetting yourself. You Define Your Hero

  • Access to order the Adore Your Pelvic Floor Manual.

  • Access to the Adore Your Pelvic Floor Private Members FaceBook Group.

For Just £120.00 you can take control of your life again and start living the life you deserve.

Does the Adore Your Pelvic Floor Program Work?

I've tried other courses and do my kegels every day and nothing has worked in the past, so what's different about the Adore Your Pelvic Floor Program?

Research shows that the majority of women show improvement or complete cessation of symptoms within 6 to 12 weeks of following a consistant pelvic floor training program. The Adore Your Pelvic Floor program follows N.I.C.E. guidelines and has already helped hundreds of women.

This programs strength is that it's more than just a kegel class it  is a truly holistic. 

Many classes focus only on tightening the pelvic floor...  this is not functional and for many women overlooks many other things that may be causing problems.  including the pelvic floor being too tight and unable to release, chronic constipation, poor posture or alignment and incorrect or faulting muscle recruitment patterns.

You will learn not just how to exercise but how to release, how diet and toilet habits can affect your pelvic floor function, and how to use simple lifestyle choices and hacks support your efforts. 

This way you can tailor your program to match your personal needs exactly. 

For example, I often find that women dealing with urge incontinence see up to a 90% improvement in the first week.... Simply because they learn what their triggers are and how to retrain their brain bladder communication.

Whats More....

At the end of this course you will know more than most health and fitness professionals about the pelvic floor and how it functions.

You have lifetime access to the course content.   This is not a static program Adore Your Pelvic Floor works closely with some of the best women's health physiotherapists.  This means as new research, protocols and training guidelines are established the course evolves to encompass them.  

So you know that you will have ongoing access to the most uptodate information  available.

This is more than a quick fix...

The information you will learn will support you through every stage of life.

So as you go through different stages of life.....

  • Prenatal 
  • Pregnant
  • Postnatal 
  • Perimenopausal 
  • Menopausal 
  • And beyond

You will learn information that will ensure you are prepared to adapt and change with your body.  As well as being equipped to recognise issues early so they can be addressed before they become a problem.


Success Stories

  • After 20 years of minor incontinence I had just accepted that this was my lot. After one term of women's health classes with Fiona I no longer plan my life around staying close to the loo and am loving it.

  • Fiona's women's health classes seem really gentle but I feel much stronger even my advanced pilates classes feel much easier

  • My prolapse symptoms are not only improved, I have taken up running again.

  • Last year I was broken, this year I feel human again. I cannot thank you enough.

  • I had chronic pudendal neuralgia, and a prolapsed uterus. I was in constant pain and on so many painkillers and nerve blockers I could barely function. I am still improving but have come off most of the pain meds and can wear jeans, exercise even "sit down" to eat with my family and am finally feeling human again.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I do my kegels every day and my pelvic floor isn't improving.... in fact it might be getting worse, so how will this course help?

    There is so much more to good pelvic floor function than doing kegels. In fact many women find they are not doing the kegels correctly and may be making things worse.

  • I've been dealing with urge incontinence so long I don't think I can reverse it now.

    I hear this so often and once ladies realise how their every day habits are causing or aggravating their urge incontinence they can usually reverse it very quickly... even after years of suffering!

  • Everyone has told me that this is just part of being a woman and I should stop making a fuss.

    Again I hear this often and it drives me crazy. NICE guidelines are based on research that the majority of women see an improvement or complete reversal of symptoms in 6 to 12 weeks.... we've made this course 16 weeks long, just to be on the safe side.

I know £120 seems expensive, right?

What price would you put on taking control of your symptoms and being able to live the life you want and deserve.

Being a geek I have done the maths.  If you have wear 2 or 3 panty liners every day to deal with or keep you safe from the embarrassment of those occasional "Oops Moments" then you are spending anything up to £500 or US $600 each year on your pantie liners.

If you have a more significant problem with continence and are using 5 to 6 heavy duty incontinence pads each day then your annual spend could be up to £1500 or US $1900 thats with an incontinence club discount.

Course Modules

  • 1


    • Hi I'm Fiona, nice to meet you.

    • O Welcome to the program

    • Pelvic Health Questionnaire

    • Adore Your Pelvic Floor Manual

  • 2

    Weekly Functional Training Modules (aka Homework)

    • Bonus Homework - Breathing Tutorial

    • Bonus Homework - Breathing Class

    • Week One - Daily Activities

    • Week One - Class One

    • Week 2 Homework

    • Week 3 Homework

    • Week 4 Homework

    • Week 5 Homework

    • Week 6 Homework

    • Week 7 Homework

    • Week 8 Homework

    • Week 9 Homework

    • Week 10 Homework

    • Week 11 Homework

    • Week 12 Homework

    • Week 13 Homework

    • Week 14 Homework

    • Week 15 Homework

    • Week 16 Homework

  • 3

    Anatomy of the Pelvic Floor

    • Whats Your Floor For?

    • o Anatomy of the pelvic floor

    • Breathing

  • 4

    Get Your Pelvic Floor Moving

    • How to Cue and Engage Your Pelvic Floor

    • Is Your Pelvic Floor "Too Weak" or "Too Tight"

    • The "10-10-3

    • The Knack Manœuvre

    • Advanced Pelvic Floor Exercises

  • 5


    • Types of Incontinence

    • Urge Incontinence

    • Overflow incontinence

  • 6

    Pelvic Organ Prolapse

    • Anatomy of a Pelvic Organ Prolapse

  • 7

    Whole Body Connections

    • Posture and Alignment

  • 8

    Live Events

    • 24th August 7pm - Whats your floor for and how does it work?

    • 31st August 7pm - The Dynamic Pelvic Floor

    • 7th September 7pm - Urinary Incontinence

    • 14th September 7pm - Pelvic Organ Prolapse

    • 21st September 7pm - Correct Toilet Technique..... AKA Moo your Poo

    • 28th September 7pm - Its not just kegels! How to progressing from leaky to the activities you love.