Missing your regular Pilates class?

Or looking to get into Pilates and don"t know where to start?

That's why I have created this portal.  To give you convenient access to online classes you can enjoy at home when its convenient for you.  

In addition to the large variety of classes you have access to tutorials that allow you to refine your understanding of not only Pilates, but of your body so you can really create your own bespoke training sessions.

Classes and Tutorials

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    • Welcome

    • Medical Disclaimer

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    • Welcome to the Tutorial section of this portal

    • Tips on using weights

    • Tutorial on the neck

    • Tutorial - Releasing the ribs

    • Shoulder girdle tutorial

    • Thoracic Extension

    • Tutorial - The Front Line

  • 3

    Buff Bones Classes (Osteoporosis Safe)

    • BuffBones - weighted legs and arms

  • 4

    Restorative classes (suitable for beginners)

    • 29 minute class general move, release and decompress class.

    • 17 minute Pilates arm series for neck an shoulders

    • 41 minute General Restorative Class

    • 55 minute restorative class using spirals to release and mobilise

    • 55 minute class - Using rotation and spirals to release tension.

  • 5

    Intermediate classes

    • Intermediate Spirals Class Part 1

    • Intermediate Class - Spirals Part 2

  • 6

    Gyrokinesis Classes

    • 27 minute Gyrokinesis Class

    • 31 minute Seated Gyrokinesis session: focus on spinal movements and breathing.